About Us

Online Clues is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in India. It is an online store specialising in the fashion segment. It has a large collection of clothes and accessories for men and women which it provides to customers at very affordable prices.

Some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry have joined hands with Online Clues to fulfil the wishes of millions of online shoppers who want to look great without shelling out all their money. Here, shoppers can really indulge themselves in a shopping experience worth telling about.

Fashion is a very wide concept and different people have different opinions regarding it. However, their views are often based on the trends that they find interesting. There are people who like to add something of their own to that trend and flaunt a new style.

Online Clues has introduced its section of the latest fashion trends for the fashionista within you. Following a trend is easy enough, why not be the trendsetter for once? We believe that every person has the potential to create their own style. This is why we bring to you a range that is filled with one unique choice after another.

Selecting something from such a large pool of products can be a daunting task but we simplify even that by sorting every product in specific sections. That way you just have to browse the section you are interested in and pick the dress you like.

You can further sort the clothes according to their price and popularity. These options give you the freedom to know what you are buying and make the best decisions. After you are done adding clothes to your cart you can easily check out after paying through our secure gateways.

We let you pay as you deem appropriate. Many buyers opt for the payment on delivery option as they feel more secure about paying in person than through the internet. Things are changing gradually, though, as many prefer to pay as they check out. You can choose whatever medium you want to. Online Clues promises to keep your personal details safe and secure after you shop here. Our customer support team is available all days of the week to look after your grievances and handle your orders.

If at any time you feel that you want to cancel your transaction, you can do it easily by contacting us. We then make arrangements to return you the amount you paid, if you had transacted online.

All these additional benefits that we have made easily available for you affirm our dedication and commitment to give you a shopping experience that you have never experienced before. We work hard to get you the best deals on the market so that we can satisfy you when you shop with us.

All the products listed with us are true and all information about them is correct as well. Online Clues is glad to confirm that all its products are of the highest quality. We can further assure you that your shopping cannot get any better than this.